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Rovert is an online radio station network connecting you to the best music and podcasts that only have to be enjoyed.


Rovert Radio your next best podcast companion: Listen online, on demand and on the go.


Rovert Radio Hit Station! Playing the best oldies for people who love Rock 'n' Roll, blues, Hip-Hop, R&B, Afro Beats, and Pop.


Helping up and coming artists get their sound out there to the masses without being stuck in one section of an app or playlist. email:


For advertisers, Rovert Radio offers a unique opportunity to reach people who enjoy life and all its colours - through the best music you

listen With your heart

Rovert Radio listen  with  your  heart

What we do

Your favourite radio, on-demand! We are an online radio station, but our signal reaches across the world! Rovert is one of the world’s coolest host of podcasts, internet radio stations and terrestrial radio stations. Delivering professionally-mixed streams of today’s best music.

A modern online radio that delivers the freedom of choice, wherever and whenever you want.

listen with your heart

Every day, Rovert is on a mission to find you the most irreverent, jaw-dropping and mind-melting mixes. So, tune in and stream your heart away. Stream your listening experience uninterrupted